Basic Business Bundle

Affordable Web Design™ is pleased to present our Basic Business Bundle for the very budget conscious small business at $600.00 + tax (includes the first year's hosting fee on our server, a $120.00 value) .

Our Basic Business Bundle is a 4-page pre-designed template-based website which is essentially an online "business brochure" with some basic information as supplied by the client.

It is ideal for the business which has been told they "need a website" in order for their existing clients to use it as reference for their contact information or general information about them.

It is also ideal in the situation where the owner plans to use other type of advertising to drive readers to their website and does not need to be found through internet searches.

Are you are a candidate in an election who has a fairly limited budget, but where having even a small website is an absolute necessity? Then this is a great choice for you! Put your domain name on your election signs and drive the voters to your website!

Please note that these types of websites are considered to be a "presence only" and do not include any search engine optimization.

Affordable Web Design is a low cost Canadian web development firm serving all locations around the world


  • your logo
  • your heading
  • your contact Information
  • photos (usually maximum 3 to a page)
  • whatever short text you wish to submit per page, with a total of 4 pages.
  • A "slideshow" intro on the home page can be added if required (additional fee dependent on how long it takes to create the slideshow, whether images are supplied or must be researched, etc.)

We reserve the right to edit the content and images as given by the client in order to ensure a good fit into the pre-designed layout.

If you need more than just the very basics, we recommend that you visit our custom designs page to see how a customized website, which includes the necessary search engine parameters, can still be cost effective for your business.