Logos are an important part of company branding.

Company logos are a great way to get people to remember you. They might not remember your name, but the chances are pretty good that people will remember the design of your logo. You can only guess at how effective those "golden arches" are when people are hungry! Are you drawn the store with the big "checkmark" on the front? Does it make you want to "Just Do It!"???Recognition plays a vital role in marketing in today's world so investing in a logo may be a very smart move towards your company branding.

What is the average cost of a logo?

The answer to that is "it depends". Logos are the same as websites - the more complex your requirements, the more time it takes and therefore the higher the cost.

We find that the majority of the logos we produce seem to come in at around the $200 mark, although there are of course always exceptions to that. A super simple, straightforward logo can sometimes take as little as an hour, so under $100. The more changes you request to a logo, the longer it takes, etc...

Talk to us about your wants and needs and we will give you the most accurate estimate we can!

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