Videos and Photos

At Affordable Web Design Ltd, photography has been our passion for many years!


Another service offered by Affordable Web Design™ is the use of our thousands of great photos or even custom photography depending on your location, as well as help finding great online photography when needed.


Our team includes experienced videographers who can help our clients with needs such as videography to show your products or services. We also have drone photography experts to help you, depending on your location.

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Researching images for you

Affordable Web Design Ltd is happy to help the clients by researching images on the internet, as long as the client realizes that this could be substantially adding to the estimated time frame.
We recommend obtaining all stock images from reputable "pay per image" websites available on the internet. There are several to choose from and the cost of legally obtaining such images is normally between $2 and $5 per image, depending on the size of the image needed.


"Flash" technology has long been the most widely used program for web animation but in the past few years has been replaced by a more user-friendly version called "JQuery". This technology allows for similar animation but is compatible with all makes of SmartPhones and tablets, such as Apple, Android, etc. From simple "fading in and out" images to full "animated film" type of effects, we at Affordable Web Design™ can create eye-catching results.


There are many occasions when our clients wish to incorporate video into their website. Since file sizes an important factor in being able to quickly open up a page to view it, there are sometimes issues with the size of the video. We at Affordable Web Design™ will simply figure out the best way to feature your video. We do often find that the easiest and most economical way of uploading video is to upload your video to YouTube. We can then go to your particular video and grab the "embed" code which is available from You Tube, and add that to your website code.

Unable to provide images for your new website? No problem. We can do research on your behalf for the most appropriate images to suit your website needs. However, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind when obtaining images from the internet.:

Things to keep in mind:

Obtaining images from Google Image pages, or from other search engines pages, or from other websites on the internet is often an easy enough image source, but there are issues to keep in mind.

  • copyrighted images should never be used without the express consent of the copyright owner
  • images with watermarks or which are clearly indicated as being copyrighted should never be used.
  • we advise all clients that the use of any images from the internet is their responsibility and if we or they receive a notification than an image obtained from the internet is actually copyrighted, the cost of that image will either need to be paid to the owner by our client, or we will immediately remove it from the website in order to comply with the copyright issue. This step will incur a time charge to cover the removal and replacement of such image.
  • sizing is an important factor to keep in mind- many photos obtained from the internet are extremely small and would not fit in well with a professional web design - images can be sized smaller, but if you try to enlarge them, they will simply become blurry so when researching images, ask us first what is the minimum size that will fit into your design.