Affordable Web Design Ltd has always prided itself on offering great web services for as low a cost as possible. We truly are affordable compared to the majority of our professional competition!

Steps involved in your new web design project:

  1. You will need a domain name This costs depends on the extension you choose [.com, .net, .ca, etc.] but is usually around the $35 mark per year. We can help you with this if you don't already have one.

  2. Hosting service needs to be set up as soon as we start on your project, to have a place for all our files to go. Hosting can vary greatly and what you get for that hosting is also "all over the map"! Affordable Web Design Ltd. charges CAD $138 per year (equals $11.50 a month) for an average-sized website. This includes full support, full nightly backup of your files and full email service with up to 5 email addresses set up at the time of initial startup of your account.

  3. Creating your website - Affordable Web Design Ltd. is highly competitive among professional web designers, no matter what you need in your website. With Affordable Web Design Ltd, your custom website is a one-time cost only [there is no regular monthly maintenance fee], and only the time it takes us to do a specific update for you will be charged, based on our current hourly rate at the time you request the update.

  4. Any additional functions you might need - our organization includes several experienced programmers who can customize just about any programming script you would like to have on your website - talk to us about your needs!

  5. Our "Premium" Division". Our Canada Wide Web Design division now offers new styles of websites which incorporate cutting edge technology for those who want all the "pizzazz" possible.

Starter Package- "Basic Business Bundle"

For those who have a very small budget but still require an internet presence, we have developed a very basic, no frills package (no search engine optimization). This "online brochure" type of website is $699.00 + tax and includes hosting for the first 12-month period (a $138 value).

Do you currently have an existing domain name, or are you hosting a current website somewhere else?

Affordable Web Design Ltd. is still very pleased to create your website for you and you may continue your domain name registration and/or hosting with a third party if you wish. We do not force anyone to switch to us for domain name registration or hosting, although many of our clients find it more convenient to have everything in one place.

The majority of our clients also find that our hosting package covers a lot more services than most.

For complete information on our payment policy, please click here