Customized Business Websites + CMS

Affordable Web Design Ltd offers custom design plus a user-friendly content management system to help you maintain your site! These designs start at $2700.00 plus applicable taxes.

Low cost web design for small business

Custom Business Websites + CMS

Many businesses need a custom website to attract their potential clients because they don't want to look like "a million" competitors out there all looking pretty much the same because they are using Wordpress templates. Our modern custom designs are built just for you because they are built from scratch. Our designs reflect your business personality, not everyone else's.

We also offer the option of adding our customized "content management system" to allow our customers to maintain their own content once we have built them a beautiful custom website.

In order to make this step as easy as possible for clients of all computer knowledge levels, Affordable Web Design Ltd has designed and developed an extremely user-friendly content management system (CMS) which will allow our clients to edit pages and existing images on those pages, as well as add photo galleries on as many of the existing content pages as they wish, without "messing up" the look of the web page. Many of our clients have complained about how difficult a Wordpress website is to work with, so we decided to build a great alternative!

What you get with this Custom + CMS option:

  • Easy to navigate, solid static designs customized to attract your own "target market".
  • 20-hour timeframe estimate based on the average time it usually takes to technically produce a professional looking 8-12 page website, depending on the number of images and the amount of content.
  • This general estimate is based on all text, images and video being provided by the client either though email or on a flash drive or other electronic means. Although we will accept hand-written content, please be aware that this then takes longer to work with and could add to the overall time estimate for the project.
  • For clients with existing website, we may be able to use some existing content, but this method can at times add a fair amount of time because the layout of the old site is usually quite different than what is projected to be the overall layout of the new website.
  • The 21-hour based estimate is calculated on receiving all content once only. Should you decide to change the content once the original content has already been incorporated into the website design, this may result in additional time being required over the original estimated timeframe.
  • We incorporate SEO parameters, as published by the major search engines such as Google, into the initial design, to help you be found in internet searches, at no extra charge. We are happy to do occasional reviews of SEO performance as requested once the initial design is completed, with the additional charge being based on the time it takes to do so.
  • We will help you form a marketing plan in order to best expose your business to the world or to your neighbourhood, whichever is best for you.
  • We will guide you as to what kind of information you need to provide as content for your website.
  • We will help you organize your content, at no additional cost.
  • We will incorporate our easy-to-use content management system
    • Initial 30 minutes of instruction on how to use our system
    • A written easy-to-follow guide
    • Additional 30-minute over-the-phone tutorials once you have tried using the system to help answer any questions you may have.

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