Custom Website Designs

We customize our websites to your company branding and/or to your specific requirements.

Our custom designs start at $1620.00 plus applicable taxes (based on 18 hours of total time, at $90.00 an hour). We have determined through experience that we can usually produce professional looking responsive design websites with up to 12 pages (depending on the content and the number of images), within that 18-hour timeframe.

Don't have a "company branding" yet? No worries- we will help you pick out colours and looks to suit your needs.

Because template-based websites generally do not promote high ranking in internet searches, we customize most of our designs to suit the individual client and incorporate all the important facets of Search Engine Optimization as published by Google and other search engines or directories, to help our clients be ranked highly in internet searches.

Our modern custom designs are creating using technology that is "mobile" friendly. Our fully responsive designs look great on everything from small phones to large monitors.

We can incorporate music, animation, videos, blogs, scripts, shopping carts, etc. The more complex the site, the more time it will take to complete your project and of course the higher the cost, but we can do it for you! We can create websites with hundreds of pages, if that's what you need! No matter what you need, we are still among the lowest cost professionals in the business!

Re-designing an existing website

We are very often contacted by potential clients who are complaining that their current website is not effective, can't be found, is really old-looking.... So what is involved in a re-design of a website created by someone else? If you don't find your current website effective, it might be best to "go back to the drawing board". We usually find that it ends up being more economical and more effective to simply start from scratch. We will take a look at your current site and let you know our recommendation.


Affordable Web Design is a low cost Canadian web development firm serving all locations around the world

The "entry level" customized design based on 18 hours assumes the following:

  • We will create an attractive "top banner" which will be used on each page.
  • The number of pages usually works out to between 10 and 12 pages, depending on the content, the number of images for each page, and the layout of each page requested by the client.
  • The client will provide a clearly defined layout preference, including such information as the exact text to go on each page, and the names of each of the pages requested (example: This goes on the "Home" page, this goes on the "About Us" page, this goes on the "Services" page, etc...).
  • The client will provide all content electronically (through email, or on a memory stick or CD/DVD) in a web ready format.
  • The client will clearly state his or her preferred placement for each image (clear indication of which image goes on which page).
  • This timeframe also includes the incorporation of the important search engine parameters in order to help you be found through internet searches, but the client needs to give us the most important keywords to their specific business.

The following takes more time and although we are always happy to help, and are sometimes able to do all of that and still stay within the 18-hour timeframe, we wish to advise everyone that there is always the possibility of going over the initial timeframe because of the content, the way it is given to us, or if we have to do the research for it.

Examples of situations which can cause us to go over the 18-hour timeframe:

  • Handwritten content that needs to be sorted through and typed into the web pages.
  • Photos which need to be scanned.
  • Obtaining bits and pieces of information from other websites, or researching and obtaining images from internet sources.
  • The client being unsure as to what to put on each page and needing help with their content.
  • The more the research time, or the more time it takes to organize all your information into a logical, easy to navigate website, the more the probability of exceeding the originally estimated 18-hour timeframe.
  • Requiring us to do the content writing, either partial or for the entire website, which we are happy to do but which always takes more time than when the client provides the information in an email, or in a Word document, etc..

If your requirements cause us to exceed the 18 hours, there is absolutely no problem. We are happy to produce the best possible website for you and will simply bill you for the extra time at our normal hourly fee. Because of the caliber of our professional designers, we are able to do a heck of a lot in an sometimes the hourly fee might be very misleading when comparing quotes out there!

We know that many of our professional competitors quote anywhere from almost double to sometimes an incredible amount more for something equivalent to what we offer for just $1,620.00 (although most of our competitors don't include the search engine optimization that we do to help you be found in internet searches in their equivalent websites). Although they do indeed offer great looking sites, the main difference is just that we understand the budget needs of small business and we are willing to offer this kind of personal service and effective work for a budget more suited for the average small business.