Who We Are

Affordable Web Design™ is a low cost, full-time, full-service Kelowna web design firm serving all Canada, the U.S and the U.K. We have been creating websites since early 1996, and constantly keep up with web innovation and change, while still staying highly competitive from a price point of view. We help our clients every steps of the way: we don't expect you to be web experts - that's why you hire us!

What We Do

We will guide you with regards to content so that we can create an effective website for you to attract your potential clients. From content writing to many different services, we use our web expertise to help our clients ensure that you have an effective web design. Of course it's important to attract the search engines, but just as important to attract your potential "target market" even after they have found your website.

Helping You in Searches

Everyone tells you that they can help you be found through internet searches. SEO is the biggest buzz word in the business.

We not only SAY it, we PROVE it !!! Our clients benefit greatly from our SEO knowledge and we love to help them beat their competition!

Not only do we ourselves rank highly in internet searches for our services, we do everything we can to help our clients achieve the same awesome results!