Full service web design and development

We have been offering professional web designs for over 20 years and have provided many businesses with an effective internet presence.

We understand that many businesses, specially those just starting up, may need to really keep an eye on expenses. Others might have a higher budget but still have limits. And others may just want to go all out with no expenses spared.

In order to accommodate every level of business, we offer three main levels of websites:

1. BASIC - these 4-page websites are an "online brochure" style of web presence. Their size is suitable for the business which only needs a web presence to offer general information about themselves as well as contact information. For businesses wanting to be found through internet searches, we recommend our next level.

2. BUSINESS - Clean, straightforward, solid designs to suit the average business budget. Our designs are easy to navigate and effective. We incorporate all the right stuff to help you be found in internet searches, at no extra charge. Don't have a clue what to put in, or just don't have a lot of time? We can help you with all kinds of additional services, including content writing. This level includes informational ive websites, websites with E-Commerce capabilities, incorporation of a variety of programming functions, and more.

3.PREMIUM - Looking for something really high end which uses innovative ground-breaking web development technology? Talk to our Corporate Designs Division to discuss your needs and how we can integrate this new website into your social media campaign when needed.

Contact us to find out more!

Low Cost Starter Website - $600.00

Affordable Web Design Ltd is pleased to present our Basic Starter Websites, which we call our "Basic Business Bundle". This "bundle" is the perfect solution for the very budget conscious small business who needs an online presence but simply can't afford the "big bucks". Our low cost Basic Business Bundle designs are priced at $600.00 + tax, and also include your first year's hosting service on our server, a $120.00 value!

This "starter package" is a 4-page website which is an online "business brochure" with basic information as supplied by the client. It is ideal for the business which has been told they "need a website" in order for their existing clients to use it as reference for their contact information or general information about their products or services. [read more]

For those who need to be found through internet searches, we suggest choosing our "Business" level Custom Design service, which includes all the necessary parameters to help our clients be found through internet searches.

Custom Websites starting at $1620.00

When your needs include being found through internet searches as well as having a comprehensive website with lots of bells and whistles, our customized websites are a great alternative.

Whether a 10-page website will be just perfect for you, or a more comprehensive design will fit the bill, Affordable Web Design Ltd will help you every step of the way.

We offer a lot of different options. We will either sit down with you in person or have a phone or Skype discussion. We listen to you explain your requirement, then come up with the best solutions to accommodate your needs.

We are really a one-stop shop, offering everything from great priced custom designs, whatever programming you may need such as stores, catalogs, calendar of events... anything programmable that you require, we can do it!!! [read more]

Search Engine Optimization

Most people with a domain name will be bombarded with offers from people telling you they can help you be found through internet searches. SEO is the biggest buzz word in the business! It's also probably one of the most confusing parts of having a website as well!

But we at Affordable Web Design Ltd really understand SEO. Not only do we ourselves rank highly in internet searches for our web design and development services, we do everything we can to help our clients achieve the same awesome results!

We offer our SEO services to our web design clients at no additional cost because we know incorporate "all the right stuff" into our clients' sites as they are being created and the majority of our clients have greatly benefitted from our knowledge! [read more]

Check out our many services. Click on the boxes to read more about each individual service and we look forward to you contacting us!


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