Customized Business Websites

Our custom designs start at $1620.00 plus applicable taxes.

Low cost web design for small business

Custom Business Websites

Our modern custom designs are created using technology that is "mobile" friendly. The fully responsive designs move around to accommodate the size of each device such as Smart Phones, tablets, laptops and large monitors. We can incorporate music, animation, videos, blogs, scripts, shopping carts, etc. The more complex the site, the more time it will take to complete your project and of course the higher the cost, but we can do it for you! We can create websites with hundreds of pages, if that's what you need! No matter how complex your requirements, we are among the lowest cost professionals in the business!

Once you explain your needs to us, we will give you an estimate based on your explanation of requirements, so that you are aware of the approximate cost before we start your project.

Entry Level Custom Business Design

What you get for the estimated 18-hour project time:

  • Clean, straightforward, solid designs customized to attract your own "target market".
  • Approximately 8 - 10 pages.
  • Estimate is based on all text, images and video being given to us by the client either though email or on a flash drive.
  • Estimate is based on receiving all content once only. If the client decides to change images or layout once we have created a page with those elements, this may be add to the initially estimated timeframe.
  • Help with content layout and text if needed so that everything works together properly, within the 18-hour timeframe.
  • Incorporation of SEO factors as published by Google and other Search Engines into each page of your website.

Adding to Basic Timeframe

Our "entry level" 18-hour project is based on receiving information in the manner as described above. We are always happy to accommodate our clients, but the following may add to the estimated 18-hour project time:

  • Handwritten content that needs to be sorted through and typed into the web pages.
  • Photos which need to be scanned.
  • Asking us to obtain information from other websites, or researching and obtaining images from internet sources.
  • Client changing their mind on something after we have created pages based on their initial input.
  • Client being unable to supply what they want on each page and asking us to completely organize the website and research possible content.
  • A large number of images needing to be added to certain pages beyond what would be "normal" in a website.
  • Requiring us to research and obtain stock photo from online sites.

Current Website Remakes

We are often contacted by potential clients who are complaining that their current website is not effective, can't be found, is really old-looking.... So what is involved in a re-design of a website created by someone else? If you don't find your current website effective, it might be best to "go back to the drawing board". We usually find that it ends up being more economical and more effective to simply start from scratch.

We will of course be happy to check out your current site and to give you a free estimate based on what we find.

Remaking an existing design often means starting from scratch

State-of-the-art newest website development

"Fortune 500" Websites

Our firm is always keeping up with the most modern website technology and producing websites to suit every taste. We hire innovative developers to keep us ahead of the game.

Our Canada Wide Web Design division creates state-of-the-art websites for firms who just want the very best without worrying about budget. For more information on our "Fortune 500" level of website design and development, please visit .