Content Writing

We can write full or partial content!

Normal practice in the web design industry is to require the client to submit all content exactly as they want it.

Although many mistakenly believe that writing the content is part of a web designer's services, it never is and the majority of web designers will admit that they are not good at writing any content.

It is not the web designer's responsibility to correct any spelling mistakes, syntax errors or typos. The thought process is that since it is your business, it is up to you to write about it. What you submit is what will appear on your website.

We at Affordable Web Design™ think a little differently - we understand that the majority of business owners have issues with writing out all the content, either because of time constraints, or just that they don't like writing. We are ready to help!

What is Included in Initial Design Costs

  • When the client submits all their content, we will still "proof read". Since there is no such thing as "spellcheck" in web design coding, we do our best to catch all errors for the client, at no additional charge.
  • When the client gives us content but it is not complete, we again will do our best to make all the content on all the pages make sense. We will let you know what appears to be missing, and will guide you with regards to what still needs to be submitted, again at no extra charge as long as you are within the originally estimated timeframe.
  • In the case where the client submits ideas for their content in point form, we will base our content on what has been submitted. As long as the additional time does not push the project over the original estimate, there will be no extra charge for this help.

Content Writing Services Cost

  • Affordable Web Design Ltd charges by the hour (based on our published hourly fee), not by the word, as most content writing services do.
  • An average timeframe to write the content for an entire 10-page website is about one hour per page, depending on the page. Some pages have more content, some less, but the average comes out to about 10 hours, including content research, proper division of pages, etc.
  • We have researched the internet to find average Content Writing Service pricing, but the results were "all over the map", from $0.10 to $1.00 per word, to $4000 for 10 pages.

Please note that we only offer our Web Content Writing services to our own web design clients.

We offer content writing services to our web design clients.