About Affordable Web Design Ltd

We have been creating effective websites for small to medium sized businesses since 1996!

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider us for all your web design and web development needs. Here are the TOP TEN, not in any particular order since they are ALL important!

  1. We are an established Canadian web design and development firm with offices in Kelowna BC and Calgary, AB, creating custom websites since 1996.
  2. Our background is marketing - your website will be your most important marketing tool so we can really help!
  3. We create custom designs, not just premade templates adapted to your needs, although we will create Wordpress sites when requested.
  4. Our rates are highly competitive, usually a lot lower cost than the majority of our professional competition.
  5. We don't expect our clients to be web experts. We are, so we will help you every step of the way.
  6. When it comes to search engine optimization, we really know what we're doing and our own very high ranking proves it!
  7. We offer one-stop shopping for all your web needs at the same place - design, development, domain names, hosting and more.
  8. Want to jump on the Social Media bandwagon but either don't have time or don't know how? We'll do it all for you!
  9. Looking for a full social media ad campaign targeting your specific audience? Yes we will do that to!
  10. Affordable Web Design Ltd is a web design and development firm which will do everything we can to help you achieve your website goals!

Click here to contact us and be on your way to a successful web experience, no matter what your budget!