Customized Business Websites

Our custom designs start at $2200.00 plus applicable taxes, based on about 22 hours of project time.

Low cost web design for small business

Custom Business Websites

Our modern custom designs are created using technology that is "mobile" friendly. The fully responsive designs move around to accommodate the size of each device such as Smart Phones, tablets, laptops and large monitors. We can incorporate music, animation, videos, blogs, scripts, e-commerce "online stores", etc. The more complex the site, the more time it will take to complete your project and of course the higher the cost, but we can do it for you! We can create websites with hundreds of pages, if that's what you need! No matter how complex your requirements, we are among the lowest cost professionals in the business!

Once you explain your needs to us, we will give you an estimate based on your explanation of requirements, so that you are aware of the approximate cost before we start your project.

Customized Business Designs

What you get for the estimated 22-hour project time:

  • Easy to navigate, effective static designs customized to attract your own "target market".
    We also offer an easy-to-use Content Management System which can be added to this same custom design if required. Click here to read more.
  • This timeframe is based on the average time it usually takes to technically produce a professional looking 8-12 page website, depending on the number of images and the amount of content.
  • This general estimate is based on all text, images and other content being provided by the client either through email or on a flash drive or other electronic means. Although we will accept hand-written content, please be aware that this takes longer to work with and could potentially add to the overall time estimate for the project.
  • For clients with existing websites, we may be able to use some existing content, but this method can add a fair amount of time because the layout of the old site is usually quite different than what is projected to be the overall layout of the new website.
  • The 20-hour based estimate is calculated on receiving all content once only. Should you decide to change the content once the project has already begun, this may result in additional time being required over the original estimated timeframe.
  • We will help you form a marketing plan, at no extra charge, in order to best expose your business to the world or to your neighbourhood, through your website design.
  • We incorporate SEO parameters, as published by the major search engines such as Google, into the initial design, to help you be found in internet searches, at no extra charge. We are happy to do occasional reviews of SEO performance as requested once the initial design is completed, with the additional charge being based on the time it takes to do so.
  • We will guide you as to what kind of information you need to provide as content for your website.
  • We will help you organize your content, at no additional cost.
  • Want us to do all the content writing for you? No problem! We also offer Content Writing Services at highly competitive costs as well.

Adding to Basic Timeframe

Our 22-hour project is based on receiving information in the manner as described above. We are always happy to accommodate our clients, but the following may add to the estimated 20-hour project time:

  • Handwritten content that needs to be sorted through and typed into the web pages.
  • Photos which need to be scanned.
  • Requiring us to research and obtain stock photo from online sites.
  • Asking us to obtain information from other websites.
  • Client changing their mind on something after we have created pages based on their initial input.
  • Changing images, text or layout once we have created a page with those elements
  • Client being unable to supply what they want on each page and asking us to completely organize the website and research possible content.
  • A large number of images needing to be added to certain pages beyond what would be "normal" in a website.

Current Website Remakes

We are often contacted by potential clients who are complaining that their current website is not effective, can't be found, is really old-looking.... So what is involved in a re-design of a website created by someone else? If you don't find your current website effective, it might be best to "go back to the drawing board". We usually find that it ends up being more economical and more effective to simply start from scratch.

We will of course be happy to check out your current site and to give you a free estimate based on what we find.

Remaking an existing design often means starting from scratch

State-of-the-art newest website development

Custom Websites + Ability to Maintain Your Own Site

Our firm is always keeping up with the most modern website technology and producing websites to suit every taste. We hire innovative developers to keep us ahead of the game. We have heard a lot of complaints about Wordpress sites for people who want to look after their own websites, with the major complaint being how difficult it is to work with Wordpress for an average user.

Our developers have come up with an amazingly simple "content management system" which allows just about anyone to be able to look after a website by themselves. Click here to read more!