Social Media

From creation of pages to full-on campaigns!

The Power of Social Media Today

Having a variety of Social Media pages on the different available platforms can drive readers to your website.

  • Although having a social media presence may not be an absolute must for every business, it is becoming almost crucial for the majority of businesses.
  • You can write articles, post information, interact with others, and drive readership to your website in order to increase traffic.
  • But just having a social media page, such as Facebook, Twitter or any of the over 50 social media platforms available out there will do you no good if you don't update it on a continual basis.
  • Affordable Web Design Ltd can create your social media page for you, and then you can maintain it yourself from there
  • Or if you prefer, we can also maintain your pages on a consistent basis, although you still need to give us input since it is, after all, your business.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

An important aspect of today's social media is the "advertising campaign" capabilities offered by many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, among many others. As in any advertising campaign, these "campaigns" aren't free, but you may want to study whether such a type of advertising campaing could potentially give your business a tremendous boost.

  • Set realistic goals for your social media advertising campaign. You need to focus on what will make your social campaign effective in achieving your business goals.
  • Choose your social networks - pick the ones which will appeal the most to your specific target market and keep your campaign interesting and informative.
  • Affordable Web Design Ltd offers different levels of social media campaigns, all based on what our clients want to achieve, how much input they will give us, or whether they want us to do all the researching and content writing.
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