Hosting is a crucial part of your website project.

An integral piece of the web design puzzle is having a reliable hosting service. You can have a great website, but if the technology making that website visible on the internet is not reliable, it could end up causing quite an issue.

What does our hosting cost and what does it cover?

  • We charge CAD$138 a year + tax, which works out to $11.50 a month.
  • Our email service is a basic "POP" service and there is no additional charge for it. You can have up to 5 email addresses (but talk to us if you need more).
  • If you need a different kind of email service, such as a Microsoft Exchange email server or email services using Google Aps, we can recommend some great services out there to look after your email needs.
  • The bandwidth and usage covered is very reasonable, and would only need to be increased if you had a lot of videos embedded directly into the website (videos on You Tube or other places are fine) or if your readership was excessive (we could accomodate a website like Facebook, but would need to increase the size of the coverage, of course!!!)
  • The most important factor for most clients is that we do all the technical stuff for you - you don't need to do anything techie-related!
  • Our server performs nightly backups of all files, all databases and all emails... we've got you covered!!!
Affordable Web Design Ltd takes care of all your website needs, including yearly hosting.

It is important to note that technology is constantly changing, and our hosting provider is continually updating and upgrading their software. We are not responsible for any downtime caused by server issues. We can however assure you that the server technicians are highly trained and are always on top of everything. If something crops up, they will solve it within the shortest possible timeframe.